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Oriental Food has always been one of my favourite cuisines and one of the places that we so often go to is “Soy”. We absolutely adore this place and we are one of those frequent visitors, who think about 10 places, but in the end always choose their regular favourite!

Soy not only offers great food,  great hospitality, but it also gives you that communityfeeling, as it has one branch nestled in a beautiful corner at Ibn Battuta Mall. That whle section is lined up with amazing restaurants and trust me, it s a winter haven, when you can enjoy the beautiful weather  with good food.

Talking about hospitality, Mr. Das and his team at Soy is extremely hard working and they are always on the move to enure the comfor tof their guests.

So, this time we had quite an elaborate menu on the table, and for starters, we had:

  1. Veg Tom Yum Soup;
  2. Egg Noodle Soup with braised Duck & Prawn wantons;
  3. Wasabi Prawns;
  4. Crispy Baby Corn with Chilli and Spring Onion;
  5. Siu Mai and Prawn Hargao; and
  6. Not to forget my Lemon Mint drink!



Crispy Baby Corn



Wasabi Prawns



Siu Mai and Prawn Hargao



Prawn Crackers




Jasmine Tea



Lemon Mint


Our Verdict:

Lemon Mint Served at Soy was one of the best Lemon mint drinks I’ve had (I’m Serious!). The drink had the perfect blend of sugar (which was premixed and not served as a separate serving of sugar syrup) and lemon.

My Veg Tom Yum Soup had this awesome extreme spicy flavour, yet I devoured the entire serving! I have to mention that this soup was one of the best choices I made that night. The other soup wasn’t as spicy as the tom yum, yet was full of flavors.

All the starters served had a beautiful blend of flavours and spices and my favourite, without doubt, was the Crispy Baby Corn. I gobbled it down to the last bite! the baby corns were extremely crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and were served with a huge heap of veggies, which not only added colour to the dish, but also added their distinctive flavour.

My husband’s favourite was Sui mai. Both Sui Mai and Prawn Hargao are prawn flavoured dimsums, but surprisingly, they both taste very different. One is an open dimsum with a mix of veggies and the other one is a closed one and chalk white in colour. Of course, Wasabi Prawns need no introduction, and we need not mention that we finished everything on our plates;)

p.s. All this while we were sipping the jasmine tea served on the side. Heavenly!

Now was the time to move on to the main course and I must say that Mr Das and his team ensured that no stoned is left unturned. And yes, considering, we are one of the biggest Soy fans, we ordered almost everything on the menu:):)

Our Order:

  1. Veg Pad Thai;
  2. Traditional Peking Duck;
  3. Veg Chinese Fried Rice;
  4. Asia Greens;
  5. Sauteed Jumbo prawns in Thai Chilli Sauce;
  6. Veg Thai Green Curry;
  7. Thai Papaya Salad






Veg Pad Thai Noodles


Veg Thai Green Curry


Steamed Rice


Peking Duck

  1. img_6787

Asian Greens






Chinese Veg Fried Rice








Jumbo Chilli Prawns


Our Verdict:

We were almost full with our starters but we didn’t want to do injustice to the elaborate main course menu sitting on our table;) And needless to mention that we finally decided to honour the main course!

The Peking Duck was beautifully served with thin slices of steamed wraps, sprouts, asparagus and accompaniments. The duck looked absolutely exotic the way it was sliced and served and of course it tasted equally divine. The slices were thin enough to be wrapped inside along with the salad and the accompanying sauces were the cherry on top.

Thai Green curry and steamed rice needs no mention, as this is one of my favourite Soy picks. The curry tastes divine and has a finger licking lemon leaves and coconut flavour.

Did I say that my husband didn’t leave even a single piece of Jumbo Chilli prawns! For him, the evening was actually about prawns and more prawns;) The sauce used for the prawns was absolutely perfect and had the prefect blend of spicy and sweet flavours.

Asian Greens, of course, as always, crisp and sauteed just right such that they retained their crispness and flavour, yet they had that melt in the mouth taste! I mixed both thai green curry and the asian greens with my steamed rice to get that Chinese and thai combination!:D

Fried rice has always been my favourite, but the rice that they serve at Soy smell divine and taste heavenly! The quality of rice is excellent and you can actually count each grain, of course, if you’re up for it and if you have the time;D

The Papaya salad was freshly made, unlike a lot of pan asian restaurants and had that super spicy and duper tangy flavour! this was actually the star of the evening.

And last, but not the least, rather the most beautifully served dish- Veg Pad Thai, which was served in an egg jacket. This Pad thai preparation was authentic, flavourful and something that you would order again and again.

Our pick from the main course would be Thai Curry. Jumbo prawns and Papaya Salad

And yes! how can we forget the Dessert:):) Our pick from the menu was Darsaan- Honeyed noodles with Vanilla Ice Cream. This desert is one of the most heavenly desserts and it comes very close to my favourite vanilla ice cream-gulab jamun combo. I know its a ruthless comparison, but what I mean is that Darsaan is something that packs a dual flavour of hot and cold, crispy and soft at the same time. And Soy has actually perfected the art of making and serving Darsaan. Although we had no more capacity to eat any further, we decided that some ice cream and some noodles wont be that bad;) Yes, you guessed it right! Our dessert plates were empty and squeaky clean!!

But, honestly, Darsaan got 10 on 10 from both of us.


Ambience and Decor:     * * * 1/2

Quality of Service: * * * * 1/2

Presentation: * * * *

Food Quality and Taste: * * * * 1/2

Our Pick: Crispy Baby Corn, Sui Mai, Prawn Hargao, Thai Green Curry, Jumbo prawns and Darsaan.

A special to Soy’s superb team for their superb hospitality!

See you soon!



P.S. The above opinions are our honest opinions about the services and products that we review. 

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