If you have not yet visited the new wing of City Walk, then you are missing out on loads of things and if you haven’t visited Mitts & Trays yet, then you are certainly missing out great food, great hospitality and of course great ambience!

Mitts & Trays is one of those places which has an extremely simple yet delicious and thoughtful menu. They serve yummylicious breakfast to sumptuous lunch to mouth watering dinner and not forget the oh so yummy desserts, drinks and coffee (which is brewed on your table!!)

So, when we went to Mitts & Trays, since it was breakfast time, we decided to start with some fresh juices followed with the two beautifully served delicious preparations:

  1. Eggs on Avocado– a preparation of avocado, feta cheese, poached egg, quinoa salad and hollandaise; and
  2. M&T Turkish Egg– a preparation of greek yoghurt, eggs, red bibber pepper topped with melted butter (Who counts calories;))

Both the dishes were served beautifully and tasted heavenly. The flavours, which were all different from each other were blending in perfectly, yet they stood out and one could get occasional hints of different flavours of each of the ingredients. The spices were just right and I had nothing to complain (like I mostly do- oh, its too salty or oh, its too spicy!) and I guess I have become addicted t the melted butter and greek yoghurt combo!!!! To show you what Im talking about, here are some pictures:






M&T Turkish Egg





Eggs on Avocado








Green Apple Juice

While were still relishing our food, the chef brought us the platter of irresistible desserts, which had a selection of yummylicious cakes,but my favourite was the Tres Leches Cake or the Milk cake, which is a delicious blend of cream/milk, sugar and pistachios. It actually took me back to my childhood, as it tasted very similar to another milk preparation we make back home in India called “Rabri”. The cakes were so good that even though it was a huge platter, we hardly left anything on our plates;) and yes, we were still craving for coffee:):) For the Coffee, we chose Syphon and Chemex and yes, it was brewed right on our table!! I have to say that if you are visiting Mitts & Trays, you ought to try their milk cake and their coffee. The fresh brew right in front of your eyes is a perfect “pick me up’ cup for the day.


The Milk Cake





Last bout not the least, Mitts & Trays has the perfect cosy, modern and contemporary decor which makes you want to spend more and more time here. They have these nooks and corners, which are actually perfect for a book in hand with a cup of coffee by your side.






Our Verdict:

Ambience and Decor:     * * * * 1/2

Quality of Service: * * * * 1/2

Presentation: * * * 1/2

Food Quality and Taste: * * * * 1/2

Our Pick: Turkish Egg and Tres Leches Cake.

A special thanks to their superb team for their superb hospitality!

See you soon!



P.S. The above opinions are our honest opinions about the services and products that we review. 

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