Carnival by Tresind, actually stands true to its name. Its a carnival of great food, drinks and beautiful ambience. Nestled in the commercial hub of Dubai, it is the second restaurant and another home grown concept introduced by Mr. Bhupender Nath and Mrs. Sakshi Nath. Their first restaurant, “Tresind” needs no introduction and is one of the best “Indian” restaurants in the city.

Carnival, serves traditional Indian food with a modern and contemporary twist, where you get to eat the traditional food designed to enhance your gastronomical experience and when I say “designed”, it actually is designed. I’m sure you will have to believe me if I tell you I had jalebi chaat, served with spices, yoghurt and chutney;), mock butter chicken (which I had to reconfirm with chef, if it was ‘not’ chicken!) and dal tadka in a cappucino cup served with phulka ‘buiscuit’. Yes, I am not making these things up nor are they an imagination or a gastronomcal fantasy of my mind. They are actually available to eat, taste and devour at Carnival by Tresind!

So let’s start with what was served to us. We had the opportunity to relish and enjoy the Chef’s tasting Menu (one vegetarian and one non -vegetarian), where we had:

  1. Sita Phal- a sweet and sour dabheli appetizer made with pumpkin;
  2. Makhan Phal- cocoa butter hive, avocado and lime puree;
  3. Dal Phulka- served like a cappucino and phulka busicuits;
  4. Jalebi Chaat;
  5. Game of Corns- a corn and fenugreek cutlet
  6. Vada Pav Service
  7. Malai Baraf- litchi granite, raspberry rose water and condensed milk;
  8. For OCD- mock butter chicken and pudina parantha;
  9. Gol hatti- chandni chowk style palak chhole served with steamed kulcha;
  10. Mutton dressed as lamb- mutton chop, lamb nihari juice, served with kulcha;
  11. Carta Farta- steamed sea basse, malabar style bouillabaisse and lemon rice;
  12. Chaat wala- guava parfait, strawberry chat masala and caremelised boondi;
  13. The Exotic Dessert; and
  14. 2 alcoholic cokctails and one mocktail

Our Verdict: 

Let’s begin with the starter, we were welcomes with tiny soap bubbles and of course smiling staff:):)

All the starters were “designed’ so beautifully, that every time you would taste something, you would have to gear up yourself to taste something totally unexpected! An d when I say totally, I mean it. The starters like Sita Phal and Makhan Phal and Jalebi chaat are unheard of and I, to be honest, have never eaten such starters anywhere. While praising the beautiful serving style of these dishes, I have to mention that they tasted equally good and every thing served on the table, which actually looked like a work of art, reflected the chef’s hard work and passion.

For instance, Dal Phulka, which, when it was served, looked like some yellow foamy cappucino with some cookies. And finally, we came to know it was dal cappucino with phulka cookies:) Now, isn’t that awesome??? I was floored when I tasted rather devoured the dal and drinking it like a cappucino, was total fun (read bliss!). The cookies aka the Phulkas were so crisp that I felt like dipping them in my dal.. and yes, I did that!!

While we were eating our food, we noticed a handy man making rounds of different tables wit his tool box in hand. I actually thought to myself, why in the world, would they allow such work during the service hours! Si, it turned out that this handyman was serving the Vada Pavs and in his tool box, he carried all the ingredients!:):) The vada pav service, which was my favourite amongst the starters, is a full service which also gives you a lesson in vada pav’s history, which was traditionally a mill worker’s snack and hence, the toolbox and handyman outfit! It didnt just look so different, it tasted exactly how a vada pav would taste on the streets of Mumbai, topped with chillies and spicy!

Another favourite of mine- the Jalebi Chaat. One would think that how can they serve sweet jalebis in a chaat! Yes, I also thought so, but actually, after tasting it, I realized the Jalebi was intentionally made less sweeter than the normal regular jalebis, which actually went so well with the spices, yoghurt and the chutney!

And then, there was the palette changer Malai Baraf. While eating it, I had this feeling that the ice is flavoured and it tasted like litchi! Half way through, it was when my husband showed me, I realised it was frozen litchi, not ice (the Litchi granite to be precise). In short, the chef’s innovation and ideas at Carnival have no comparison!

Coming to the main course, I have to give the chef a 10 on 10 for getting the Chandni chowk style palak chhole exactly how they taste in chandni chowk (where I have sent my childhood!:))The Kulcha served with it took me back to my childhood days, where we would endlessly eat the endless, non-stop servings of chhole kulchey.

A special mention for the Mock Butter Chicken, which is a soya chicken and looks so real complete with its thready shreddy texture, that I had to ask them if it was not chicken! Seriously! And what to say about how it tasted. Just one word- Heavenly!

Another dish that needs a special mention is the Carta Farta- which is a malabar style fish curry cooked in a plastic sheet (yes, a plastic sheet that can withstand cooking temperatures without releasing toxic chemicals) to preserve its flavour. The sheet/sac is opened only when the curry is served and it is served with the most awesome and authentic tasting lemon rice. If someone asks me what would I go back to Carnival for, it would certainly be Carta Farta and the OCD (mock butter chicken).

The flavours were so authentic that even though we were full, we finished everything on our plates! Here, I would again like to give a ten on ten to Carnival for retaining the authentic flavours amidst their search for that contemporary twist.

Now moving on to the dessert, this was the most exotically served dessert we’ve ever had. the chef rolled out a sheet on our table and then began filling it with the sauces, nuts, and in between kept a huge white chocolate bowl, which he started filling with brownies, ice cream scoops, nuts and other goodies and lastly, the liquid nitrogen to freeze the contents. and then came the real fun, the chef asked me to break the bowl, just like the handi celebration on janmashtami. To be honest, I was a little sceptical, as I thought it might just splat on my clothes..(women and their clothes!), but then as I lifted the bowl and literally threw it on the table, thats when I saw the heavenly dessert concoction spread on the table. the mix was so sinful, yet I couldn’t stop myself from having it. And did we finish it? Of course, we did!!!!

Now was the time to finish the meal and thats when we saw these pan flavoured macarons coming our way. They were green in colour and were filled with the exotic pan flavoured mix. No, No No! it wasn’t finished yet. we were yet to taste and experience the simplest yet the most amazing scientific fact. the chef placed a pate with a spoonful of purple coloured berry mix and a lemon slice next to it. We were now asked to squeeze and taste the lemon and then  move to the berry, tasting it for at least 5 minutes, moving it around in our mouth followed by eating/tasting the lemon. Would you believe, if I were to tell you that I thought the lemon had magically transformed into a sweet mango! Trust me, I just licked that whole lemon slice and was craving for more;);) Now the scientific fact, two negatives make one positive. So, in effect, two sour flavoured things (berry and lemon) made excess of vitamin C, which actually made a sour lemon taste sweet! Amzing, isn’t it?

And thats what Carnival is all about! They used these simple gastronomical facts to make your experience better than expected. things like the palette changer, the berry and the lemon climax, the cappucino and the phulka cookie actually make you think that a detailed research and plan has been put to bring this concept to us.

Last, but not the least, I would like to talk a little about the drinks and the beautiful bar that Carnival boasts of. The bar is managed by young bar-tenders who in addition to diaplying their bar skills churn out beautiful drinks. The drinks are served very differently. Some are fuming and smoky with liquid nitrogen, the others come with a glass cover on top to properly infuse the flavours into the drink. And tot alk about their tumblers, you should check out the pictures;) the flavours are well mixed and they don’t shy away from trying out different flavours for their drinks, such as litchi! In short, my husband and I were totally impressed by their skills and if one is looking for a combination of great food and drinks, then Carnival is definitely your “go to” place!

Time for some pictures! And don’t forget to scroll down for our final verdict!

































































Our Verdict:

Ambience and Decor:     * * * * 1/2

Quality of Service: * * * * 1/2

Presentation: * * * * *

Food Quality and Taste: * * * * 1/2

Our Pick: Vada Pav, Mock Butter Chicken, Carta Farta, Lemon Rice and the Lemon Berry.

A special thanks to their superb team for their superb hospitality!

See you soon!



P.S. The above opinions are our honest opinions about the services and products that we review. 


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