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You may remember my post on “teej“, where I had mentioned that teej marks the beginning of s series of festivals.

After teej, our next big festival is Krishna Janmashtami or in simpler terms, the birth celebrations for Lord Krishna. On this festival, we usually dress up our little boys as Krishna and our little girls as Radha (his beloved). Of course, my choice was really difficult;) and it took me one full day to decide whether to dress Anay as Krishna or not!:D

Apparently, his name “Anay” is also one of the names of Lord Krishna and they also say that Radha later got married to a man named Anay. Im not sure of the latter story though, and besides, I’m a devotee of Krishna so the first version is definitely what I believe in.

Ok so, in addition to dressing them up as gods, we also do a little puja and some people alos fast the whole day untill midnight (the time when Kirshna was born) and they eat only after finishing the grand midnight arti.

So, this is how Anay looked like


I know his headpiece is a bit too small for him:) Actually, this headpiece was gifted by my dad in the year he was born in and we use it every year for, now you know why it looks like this!


The laddoos that you see in the plate are home made offerings for Krishna. I make this every year for almost every festival. Perhaps, I’ll post the recipe sometime (which is the simplestest recipe on this planet).


He is such a darling..he always cooperates and does whatever I tell him to do on the festivals:):)

The next festival is Ganpati or Ganesh Chaturthi. On this festival, which is usually a 14 day long celebration, people “bring Ganpati home”. In other words, a symbolic Idol of Ganpati is brought home and is later immersed in a water body(river, stream, sea, canal etc). The basic idea behind this is that God comes to bless our homes, during which period, we serve nice delicacies to him, his favourite sweets and then finally he goes back to where everyone comes from. In olden days and in actual practice, the idol should be made of clay which dissolves in water completely. However, with time people improvised and now a days one sees huge Ganpati idols painted with toxic colours being immersed in Sea and rivers.

For us, we have been doing this for the last 3 years and I bring Ganpati home for only one and a half days (there is a choice of 11/2, 3 days, 5 days and so on). And our Ganapati is made of pure clay. I make it myself every year and after one and a half day, he takes a dip in our garden bucket and the water is then used for our plants.


This is my handmade Ganpati. When I made this first time, I didn’t even know where to begin. I just started with a ball of clay in my hand and I believe he took the form on his own. I made him a night before the festival and the next day we did the puja and arti.



Yes, Anay also got a gift from Ganpati- something he had his eyes on since a very long time. A remote controlled Ferrai!

Finally after one and a half day, we immersed our beloved Ganpati in our Garden bucket. He took 24 hours to dissolve completely and we used that water mixed with fresh water for our balcony garden. So, he graces our garden and gives us flowers and herbs!collage-Ganpati -2

And as we say in the end- Ganpati Bappa Morya!

See you soon.



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