Skater skirts have become quite a rage and so have crop tops. I personally feel, these skirts look good on almost all body types and they add a girly charm to one’s personality.

For me, they take me back to my school days and I love wearing skater dresses and skater skirts. I know some of you may feel you can’t carry such skirts because you don’t have victoria’s secret angels’ legs. But please let me tell you one fact, skater skirts are perhaps made for a little plump legs (like mine) and besides there are different lengths available in these skirts. If you’re not comfortable with a shorter version, you may go for a longer length.

But, I would say, once you try them, I bet you would have them all over your closet:)

Below is the set that I created on Polyvore. This was my wish list, and wishes always come true if you truly believe in them! Which means, I have a very close version of this set in my closet😀

Skater Skirt and Sneakers

This look features a pink boho crop top, a black skater skirt and bright pink sneakers. Just asking, what hairstyle would you wear with this look? The boho beach curls with a headpiece, the cascading curls or a wet hair look with a fedora. I think I would go with the cascading curls. What say?

So moving ahead on my wish list, I was surfing through the stores the other day looking for some good sale time bargain and I spotted these irresistible beautiful boho crop tops at drooling prices. after trying about 7-8 pieces, I ended up buying the below set.


Please excuse the wrinkles, as that’s what you are left with when your purchase reaches the counter. I will definitely wear this outfit and do another post on that.

both these pieces are from Oxygene and I bought them at almost half the price. I also bought one more boho crop top in plain green pictured below.


I have also bought a bright red ball gown skirt, which I will show you in one of the coming posts.

Now coming to pink sneakers. I bought these hot pink sneakers from Jennyfer and oh, how I love them.


I have already done a post on a casual summer dress with sneakers. See here.  And here are some more inspiration for you.


Who says curvy girls with not so thin legs (just like mine) cant carry skater skirts. This look is so cute and I love the way she has layered it with a denim button down shirt.


And another look with a black skater skirt, denim button down and yayyyyyy!!! pink sneakers!!!


More pink, more pink, more pink, this time just the skirt;) But Denim jacket takes the cake.


And here’s oh so pretty Taylor Swift, sporting a skater skirt, sneakers and a jumper!

So, whatever be your size or body type, I still think anyone can look good in a skater skirt. Do share your tips and your style ideas



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