A very dear friend asked for my help today..First, Im really excited that he asked me for help:):) yayy!!!! Ok seriously speaking, he has to attend a fashion show where the theme is “Retro Glam”. when you talk of Retro Glam, I can only think of two people:

retro men's

The legendary actors Dev Anand and Gregory Peck..OMG!!! They were so good looking!

So coming back to the theme, men’s retro clothing would usually include Tuxedos, Plaid Suits, Waistcoats, Trousers with suspenders, Ivy Caps, fedora hats, boater hats, bowties, plaid trousers, phew!



So, either one can try a casual look like this! (I love the plaid bowtie):

men's retro

men's retro-1

Or this, complete with a cigar:):)

Or to go more on the formal side, I would say, one should stick to suits. something like this:

men's retro4

Notice the Gatsby style shoes there?

I hope my friend likes the post. And do let me know if you have more men’s retro outfit ideas!



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