I know you would say why would I make this scrub at home, when there are plenty of them available in the market! However, I can give plenty of reasons in support- One, its economical to DIY @home. Two, its safe as you only use the ingredients mostly available in your kitchen and you avoid parabens and harmful chemicals. Three, Its NOT tested on animals. Four, its NOT made in any sweat factories. And Five, its FUN to DIY!!

So, its time to practice what I preach. Today, Im going to share my mum’s recipe (oh, btw, she has a bag full of such recipes, which she has been using since we were children- both on herself and us:)).

In this recipe, this is what you’ll need:


  1. Table Salt or Sea Salt (Sea salt is usually better as it is coarser than table salt), however, sea salt will also serve the purpose. I didn’t have sea salt, so used our regular table salt;
  2. Rose Water- whatever brand is available;
  3. Almond Oil- whatever brand is available;
  4. Pure Coconut Oil (not the one mixed with herbs)- whatever brand is available;
  5. A spatula for mixing; and
  6. A jar to store your Scrub in.



First, we take some salt in the jar. The quantity will depend upon how much you wish to make. I have taken a little less than half a jar. I could have made full jar as well, but this scrub tends to get dry pretty fast and I like to make it in smaller quantities that I can use for about two scrubbing days.

This scrub can be used as a daily scrub if you use table salt. If using sea salt, I would recommend using once a week or once in about four days.

So, as I said that this scrub tends to become dry, I would advise making the quantity shown in the post which can be used on two successive or alternate bath times.

after you have taken the required quantity of salt, its time to add rose water. now the quantity of rose water should be so much as would soak the salt and bring it to a wet consistency (as shown in the picture above).

Next step is to add Almond oil and coconut oil.


For the oils, the quantity should be a few drops, depending on how greasy you want your scrub to be. Since we tend to have dry flaky skin because of constant exposure to air conditioning, I prefer to add roughly about 8-10 drops of each. You can however, vary this amount as per your requirement.

Once added, just give the scrub a final mix with spatula and


your scrub is ready for use!!! The final product smells heavenly. The rose water, coconut oil and almond oil together give it a heavenly touch. Should you wish, you can add any oil of your choice. If using essential oils, use only about 304 drops and not more than that.

NOTE: Please do not use this scrub on wet body, as the salt will all wash away with water. If you feel the scrub has dried up, you can mix a little bit of rose water again to soften it.

Do share your your experience after trying this out! I feel it gives that rosy feel to my skin and I use it pretty often:)

Until the next post, Love


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