And here I am with another review of a fantastic app that allows you to search the best available options to pamper yourself.

I know we all are busy with day to day routine, work, kids, home and a whole lot of other things. However, our busy schedule shouldn’t really become an excuse to ignore our own care and “me time”. a lot of my friends often complain that they usually get very short windows  for visiting salons and then in those short windows, they sometimes dont know which salon is located nearby in their vicinity.

Another very common complaint that I often hear is that women end up spending a lot of money on salon treatments and mostly because they don’t know which salon is offering packages, deals or which salon is running offers. And then, not to forget is the endless number of calls to these salons to book your appointment. Most of the times, the wait is pretty long because the staff is busy attending clients and other callers. Whatever may be the issue, i totally understand that these are genuine problems and they do hamper our “pamper myself and me time”.

But but but, we now have an answer to all your woes and problems and booking a salon appointment in your vicinity and also getting fantastic deals is no longer a problem. We have “Vaniday” as an answer to all your obstacles and hurdles.

Vaniday is a website and an app, that one can easily download on any smartphone (it is available on both the app store as well as the Google Play  and it is present in five countries.

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Vaniday is the online destination to find and book beauty & wellness services and salons and they make it possible to order beauty & wellness services as easily as it is to book a hotel, buy a plane ticket, or order a taxi. Once you join the community,  you can discover new salons, book appointments online and get inspired. You will also gain access to exclusive deals and offers and you will be the first to know about all their special beauty treats.

The process is pretty simple. I have details the step by step procedure below and at the end of the steps, you will find the pictures as a reference to assist you further:

  1. You begin by creating your account,  selecting your country and your city and you arrive at the home page of your city.
  2. On the homepage, you can either select a tab which includes various options such as hair, nails, make up, aesthetics, massage, spa and barber and hair cut services for men.
  3. Alternatively, you can use the search tab and search for a specific service such as a manicure.
  4. Once you search for manicures,you will see various salons near your location offering manicures along with their star will see various salons such as “Pastels Salon” , “manicure from AED 65.00”.
  5. When you click on the name of a salon, you can view the pictures of that salon and when you click on arrow next to the”manicure from AED 65.00″, you will see all the manicure services offered by that salon.
  6. Next, you can choose and click on any manicure service being offered by that salon and the app will give you an option to book that appointment, along with the cost and duration of that appointment.
  7. In order to book your appointment, you simply click on “Book” and you will be directed to the calendar to choose your date and time.
  8. Once you have chosen the appointment option, you will be asked to choose your payment method. There are two ways in which you can make the payment- “Pay directly to the salon” or Pay via credit card”. in case, you have a discount code/voucher code (like I will be giving you at the end of this post :):):):)), you need to choose the “credit card” option.
  9. The app will then take you to the page where you fill your credit card details and your voucher code and ta da! you just click on “Confirm Booking” and you’re done!

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step 2


step 3




step 4




step 5



step 6


And once you have confirmed your booking, you will get an email confirmation as well as a reminder from the app for your appointment. I also got a reminder from my salon (Kings & Queens Salon, Cluster I, JLT).

Now that you have joined the Vaniday Community, you will receive special offers, packages and deals and you will be the first one to know about these offers. How cool is that???!!! And what more, you can refer your friends and avail discounts on your chosen services:):)

As for my experience with Vaniday, it was an absolute pleasure and this was perhaps the first time when I wasn’t worried about carrying enough cash, whether the service would be good (as the salons have already been rated by users), and yes about forgetting the appointment! I got constant reminders from both the app as well as the salon and after my appointment, I also got a reminder to review my experience (again both by the salon and the app).

So why wait, when a beautiful you is just a click away! Just login to Vaniday and use the vouchercode “KARTEEKKA4VANIDAY” to get a special AED 40.00 discount on a minimum spend of AED 80.00. The code is valid until the end of September, 2016.

Have a Vaniday!



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