I have always had a highly “sun-sensitive” skin, which means I am extremely prone to suntan, sun spots, hyper pigmentation and because I have oily skin, ‘thankfully’ (can you read my sarcasm!), I have one more problem, which is breakouts and acne.

I happened to meet highly qualified team of doctors at Euromed Clinic, where the skincare and dentistry gurus Rebecca Treston and Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou respectively, advised me to try their newly introduced LED GlamExpress Facial.

To begin with, honestly, I was a little skeptical as to the possible side effects of the treatment, but Dr. Sofia and Rebecca’s team answered all my questions and clarified all my doubts. This unique treatment offered by Euromed has combined to create the unique for the first-time ever therapy, where teeth whitening and a laser facial can be performed at the same time, offering you the opportunity to get an A-list smile with a flawless complexion in less than 30 minutes!


This cosmetic whitening procedure uses a light purple coloured gel, which is completely safe and edible (so, even if you swallow a bit, it doesn’t harm:)), offering fantastic results for people that either need to do a touch up on already whitened teeth, or have too sensitive teeth to do dental whitening (where the gel is more concentrated and so more powerful). Dr. Sofia used the gel twice on my teeth- and both the times, after she would apply the gel, an LED bulb would be placed on top emitting some bluish light. At the same time, the skin therapist placed a protective mask on my face and used Blue LED light for my skin.

The LED skin treatment is based on the technology of four clinically proven wavelengths of UV-free LED lights, namely:

– Amber: builds new collagen and elastin

– Red – reduces inflammation and promotes circulation

– Blue – destroys acne-causing bacteria

– Infrared – accelerates skin recovery

Either used individually or united simultaneously the facial can break down irregular skin cell structure, eradicate bacteria and promote cellular renewal, leading to brighter, clearer and rejuvenated skin. The therapist used Blue light on my skin because of my sun spots and tiny acne breakouts. This treatment continued for about 20 minutes (which was a relaxing nap, as I couldn’t even look at my phone!) and after 20 minutes, the therapist rinsed my teeh and applied some sunblock on my face. It was time to see Dr. Sofia, who now applied some sealant to my teeth to seal the white shade:) and voila! I was ready to go to a glam party!

The results of course may vary depending upon the damage, skin type and various other factors. For me, I feel I need more sessions of the Glam Express to completely remove my tan and get an even skin tone.

While we were discussing the post treatment precautions, Dr. Sofia advised me not to have anything hot and cold for a day, though I was allowed to eat right after the treatment and she also explained to me the right brushing technique to maintain the cleanliness and whiteness. In all the treatment took just 40 minutes because my teeth were cleaned/whitened twice. Otherwise, the treatment takes roughly about 25 minutes. Isn’t that awesome!

The treatment is priced at AED1000 – 1300, which is an excellent value for money, as it combines the skin and teeth treatment together!

I am sure you will be booking yourself a Glam Express soon!



P.S. The above opinions are our honest opinions about the services and products that we review. 

Karteekka Tyaggi

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