If you live in UAE then you know what our skin goes through each and every second of the day. From hard water to sand to air conditioning and dehydration, I can perhaps give a long list of skin damaging factors.

And thats the primary reason why we all need to take good care of our skin. By good care, I don’t mean using all the available creams, lotions, facials treatments, but what I really mean is understanding your skin type and then carefully choosing what treatment and product suits your skin. And as part of my quest for a hydrating treatment, which hydrates my skin and also works on my acne prone skin, I discovered “Guinot Hydradermie Double Ionisation Facial”. The facial developed by the renowned French beauty brand Guinot, is a 60-minute treatment that increases the complexion’s radiance, and deep cleanses and moisturises the skin.  It uses positive and negative ions Both are used together on two sides of your face) to rehydrate deeper layers of the skin and speed up cellular regeneration.  Quite literally, it is twice as effective as the normal ionisation treatment, and is recognised internationally as one of the most technologically and revolutionary advanced skin care treatments.

The facial treatment is available at Envogue Beauty Centre, Dubai and it offers three kinds of double ionisation treatments- Whitening/brightening, hydrating and Anti-Ageing to suit different types of skin and different types of requirements.


For my sensitive skin, they used the Guinot range for sensitive skin. So,the process is pretty simple, where they begin with cleansing and exfoliating and toning. This is followed by gel application to eye area, face and neck. The gels are chosen keeping in mind different skin types such as wrinkled, dehydrated, oily and sensitive skin. Different gels are used for eyes, face and neck and thereafter the ionic rods carrying positive and negative charge are rolled onto the face. The positive and negative charge is used together for about 10 minutes, where, the positive ion is used on one side while the negative one is used on the other side of the face and neck.The positive current helps the nutrients of the treatment gels to go deeper into the skin, while the negative current pulls the impurities out. The rods are then interchanged and the same process is repeated on both the sides of the face.




The next step is where an oxygenating face cream is applied followed by a 10 minutes application of a high-frequency current to improve the circulation below the skin. The final step is a rejuvenating massage followed by a masque. In all, if I talk about my personal experience, this treatment is slightly different from our regular facial treatments and I didn’t feel that my skin was exfoliated or pricked or hurt in any way. It rather gave a very hydrated feeling without of course making my skin oily. The next day, after the facial, the skin felt even better and my acne seemed a little suppressed.




I would highly recommend this, if you are looking for something to tackle the ill effects of weather and environment on your skin. The treatment is priced at AED 400 (the age logic is priced at AED 450) and is cheaper than a lot of other treatments and when it comes to its benefits, I found it way better than those traditional steam and extraction facials using fancy expensive products. I have had galvanic facial in the past as well (in India!), however, with the wide range of Guinot products that this treatment offers for different skin types combined with the benefits of galvanic current, certainly gives it an edge over other treatments.

Talking about Envogue Beauty Centre, the salon has been in operation since 2011, and within a few years, it has become a well known name in Dubai. It is a full-service salon and spa offering the widest range of advanced services in hair, nails, face and body treatments (for both men and women). The salon is located at the following locations:

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, 04 4501055

Cluster E, Global Lake View Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, 04 5513855

Central Park in Dubai International Financial Centre, 04 3322995 

I hope, you would also go and try this Guinot Hydradermie Double Ionisation Facial. Do let me know your thoughts!





p.s. The opinions expressed here are our honest opinions on the services and products used.

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