A while back, I had reviewed a super luxury massage therapy (which of course also comes at a super luxurious price!). However, if you are looking for some not so expensive pampering yet a relaxing session, then Natural Elements Spa is your answer. The spa is located at the Le Meridien Hotel in Dubai (very close to the airport) and offers various full body massage therapies, including speciality massages such as Ne signature treatment, Kundalini treatment, Ku Nye Massage as well as other full body massages such as swedish massage, sports massage, royal thai massage and aromatherapy massage.

The Spa has all the spa amenities including, changing room, showers, lockers, resting room and so on. The therapists are pretty well trained and know full details of the therapies they perform.

I opted for a Kundalini Massage “for soul nurturing”, which is basically an ayurvedic massage for enlightenment of the seven chakras in our body. The Massage is priced at a not so expensive price of AED 600 and is a 75 minutes treatment. as soon as I reached, the therapist handed out the basic information form to me to know some details about my problem areas and health related issues so that she is aware of the kind of pressure she can use and if there are certain procedures that cannot be performed on my body.

I was then guided to the changing room and the locker, following which I was accompanied  to the spa room, where the therapist explained to me the benefits and procedure of a Kundalini treatment. The massage began with a foot ritual, where she gave me a gentle foot massage. While the foot ritual was going on, I was bombarding my therapist with gazillion questions and I must say, she was pretty impressive and answered almost all of them.

Once the foot ritual was finished, she played the beautiful Gayatri mantra (which is actually used in kundalini meditation sessions as well! of course the Om chanting being one of them as well). And with the Gayatri Mantra playing int he background, she began the kundalini treatment. Carefully she worked on different body parts, applying the just the right amount of pressure and checking with me every now and then if the massage was ok.

The session lasted for 75 minutes and I woke up a bit tired ( resulting from the deep sleep mode that people usually slip into during this treatment). However, after a few minutes, I came back to my normal self and felt a sudden surge of energy in my body. I was then offered a cup of green tea while I relaxed  and let the oil soak into my body. This time I decided not to have a shower at the spa so that the oil soaks into my skin and gets completely absorbed.

I sipped my tea while also filling in the review form handed over by my therapist. This massage left me totally rejuvenated  and I made sure I write good words about my therapist, who gave patiently answered my endless questions and took time to understand my problem areas and issues.

Here are some pictures:


In all, the spa is a great experience and also not very expensive, as all their massages and treatments are priced between AED 400-650, which makes it a good value for money. its a cozy spa, well equipped and offers all the spa amenities at a great price. As they say, one must get a body massage at least once a month, we cannot always splurge and take expensive treatments. If you are looking for a good treatment in a beautiful relaxing setting, then perhaps, you should try natural elements spa. The spa is neat and clean (which is my biggest priority), is quiet and serene and offers a range of treatments including, facials, salon services, moroccan hamam and of course massages. I think, next up on my list would be a salon service:):)


However, till then, if you are going to try Natural Elements Spa, do let me know and do share your review!





p.s. The above is n honest opinion about the services used.

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