India is a country which celebrates some or the other festival throughout the year. With so many religions and so many sects living together, one gets to enjoy the festivities all the year round:) For Hindus, a big line up of festivals start in the beginning of monsoon and go on untill the winter sets in. Mostly all the festivals usually mark the beginning and end of different seasons. For instance, holi, which is the festival of colours is celebrated because a lot of different states celebrate (yes, In India, different states have different culture!) their new year on that day; there is also one more religious story, which my six year old loves narrating and in addition, holi also marks the change os season- we move from winter to Spring and thats why on that particular day we play with water which signifies the beginning of Spring.


Hi Friends! You may remember my post on “teej“, where I had mentioned that teej marks the beginning of s series of festivals. After teej, our next big festival is Krishna Janmashtami or in simpler terms, the birth celebrations for Lord Krishna. On this festival, we usually dress up our little boys as Krishna and our little girls as Radha (his beloved). Of course, my choice was really difficult;) and it took me one full day to decide whether to dress Anay as Krishna or not!:D


We recently had a 4 day long weekend for Eid Celebrations in the country and I thought this would be a good time to take out little boy for some fun filled activities. My husband tired to fit in some short getaways, but I wanted to be in the city and enjoy the celebrations here. So, we decided that we will start our holiday from Tuesday Evening (wednesday being the first day of holiday), and the plan was:


One of these hot weekends, we were looking for some exciting family activity (besides, loitering around in the malls!) and that’s when I spotted a new cool fun space in the city! This new Space is called “Phobia”, which is located at the ground level of Cluster X, Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The place offers the most amazing and thrilling experience of a real life “escape” situation, where you have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and unlock the escape room.