About Us

Hello and welcome to Katz and Kurlz Life!

We are a bunch of muddle heads, who want to change the world one “salute” at a time! We want people to say Katz and Kurlz to themselves, say Katz and Kurlz to their weaknesses, say Katz and Kurlz to their fears, say Katz and Kurlz to all the negative suggestions and thoughts around them and say Katz and Kurlz to their life!

With this thought in mind, we have set out on this journey, where we want everyone to join hands and support each other in whatever way we can.

We at Katz and Kurlz Life want to bring to our readers content that is close to our hearts, which not just includes the regular fashion, fitness, beauty, travel and entertainment, but it includes topics, which give us some food for thought, topics that cover social issues, family and parental issues, and educational issues.

We want our readers to send us their suggestions, their letters, their opinions and their thoughts on whatever they feel they want the world to know. We would be glad to become your voice.

Geographically, we cover content from India, UAE and Switzerland to begin with, but we would be happy to explore new territories.

Katz and Kurlz Life brings to you or regular feature titled as ♯HaveHeartWillLive, which brings to you inspiring stories of normal people living around you. People who can be your next door neighbors, people who may be working with you or for you, people who many a time, would go unnoticed and unacknowledged. We want to bring their inspiring life stories and the life lessons that such stories teach us, to you.

We hope we are able to pass on our passion and madness to everyone around us and we hope we can make some difference to the lives of people around us.

We hope we can create a world, where people are not afraid of embracing their sorrows, their pains, their disabilities and where they people can confidently face their fears and Say Katz and Kurlz Life!

Team Katz and Kurlz Life